Harry Luk – Uncle Harry

This article is dedicated to my Sibak – Uncle Harry who is one of the main figures in changing my thinking in Wing Chun and helped me get another idea how to train and improve. Always practice slowly concentrating on hips and horse stance. His short distance power is amazing and deadly.
Thank you for accepting me having you as Sibak– your Ivan

With his approval I’m sharing with you some advices and his thinking so maybe can help u in your own thinking and training method..hope u will find it usefull…

My own perception about Wing Chun should concentrate on those important concepts such as centre line, short distance destructive force, and its effective blockage and so on.

Similar to all fighting systems, the competent Wing Chun should take into the account of its fastness , timing, distance and its destructive power. However, Wing Chun would strike out at special angle beneficent to the former but not beneficent to the opponent. Given such, their fighting skill would be superior to other person, handicapping your opponent for counter attack, if any. When we practise, we should bear in mind how it would be in real fight. How to make it applicable ? In addition, experiencing real fighting training is also genuine. There is common problem where most people can hardly apply their fighting skill during real fights. One of the reasons is the failure in adjusting oneself to the opponents’ attacks in all directions and at great speed. Another factor is our mental state whether we can remain very calm or being phobia. Timing and distance is wrong and also poor body coordination. If we can overcome all these barriers, this would be another story.
In my preference, I am inclined to strike out closer attacks, pressing onto the opponent, one after another, coupling with supreme
destructive force. If not, the opponent would be easy to make their counter attack.

Too concentrated on the hands movement not only handicaps
continuity in your attack but also holds back your power, your balance, your speed or else. It is detrimental to your counter attack as well.

No-one would say that their Wing Chun should be the best in the world. However, there are still the benchmarks to govern all Wing Chun in all perspectives. If one can own all those real values, they should stick to it so as to preserve the best Wing Chun. Then, they can say that they love Wing Chun.

Uncle Harry



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